LUFTHANSA Announces Final 737 Flights Per Destination

LUFTHANSA Announces Final 737 Flights Per Destination

Lufthansa has published the final operating date for the 737 for each city that it serves.    The dates range from the middle of July all way through to the end of October.   If you’re an ‘avgeek’ or collector of interesting and nostalgic flights, this list should be useful to planning any remaining 737 ‘experiences’.  In case you missed my earlier piece on the 737’s retirement, you can get caught up here.


The date after the city pair is the last date that Lufthansa will be operating the 737 on that particular route (sorted by end date).

Frankfurt – Bydgoszcz:  July 18

Frankfurt – Copenhagen:  August 5

Frankfurt – Birmingham:  August 8

Frankfurt – Nice:  August 14

Frankfurt – Warsaw:  August 19

Frankfurt – Marseille:  August 24

Frankfurt – Toulouse:  August 26

Frankfurt – Krakow:  August 27

Frankfurt – Manchester:  August 27

Frankfurt – Paris (CDG):  August 29

Frankfurt – Dresden:  August 30

Frankfurt – Tirana:  August 31

Frankfurt – Friedrichshafen:  September 5

Frankfurt – London (LHR):  September 5

Frankfurt – Bremen:  September 7

Frankfurt – Venice:  September 7

Frankfurt – Brussels:  September 8

Frankfurt – Amsterdam:  September 10

Frankfurt – Gothenburg:  September 11

Frankfurt – Billund:  September 12

Frankfurt – Milan Linate:  September 12

Frankfurt – Milan Malpensa:  September 5

Frankfurt – Lyon:  September 30

Frankfurt – Bologna:  October 29

Frankfurt – Geneva:  October 29

Frankfurt – Hanover:  October 29

Frankfurt – Katowice:  October 29

Frankfurt – Leipzig: October 29

Frankfurt – Nuremburg:  October 29

Frankfurt – Prague:  October 29

Frankfurt – Stuttgart:  October 29

Frankfurt – Zurich:  October 29


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LUFTHANSA Announces The 737’s Retirement Date…….

LUFTHANSA Announces The 737’s Retirement Date…….

Last week Lufthansa revealed their plans to retire the last of their Boeing 737s that are still in service.   If plans go to form, the last 737 will be removed from the fleet in October of this year, marking the end of a 48 year era.    Over these 48 years, 155 737s have been in the LH fleet and 7 still serve today.     Lufthansa first began using the 737 back on February 10, 1968.

This announcement is part of a larger strategy that has the Lufthansa Group retiring their aging aircraft.   SWISS and Austrian are also in the midst of retiring some of their vintage birds including the Fokker family by Austrian and the Avro Regional Jet by SWISS.

As these birds are retired, they’ll be replaced by new and far more efficient Airbus narrow body aircraft helping improve the passenger experience on short and medium haul routes.

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I had the chance to witness the retirement of one of these 737s when D-ABIB was brought to Lufthansa Technik Component Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   For an avgeek, it’s a bit of a bittersweet moment to see an aircraft taken out of the fleet.

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D-ABIB shortly after arriving in Tulsa for her retirement….


a close-up of a plane