The Plane Spotting gods no doubt are looking over me this weekend.

Yesterday, I was able to be among the first set of eyes to see Lufthansa’s newest 747-8i, D-ABYR, emerge from Boeing’s Paint Hangar at Paine Field.  Then later in the evening, I was tipped off that Lufthansa Cargo’s last 777 Freighter was set to be moved to it’s final assembly position.  I say tipped because I received the great intel from a Paine Field expert.

Known on Twitter as Paine Airport (@MattCawby),  Matt has the pulse on what is happening with Boeing as far as aircraft movements are concerned.    His regular updates helps followers keep tabs on test flights, assembly movements and delivery flight information.   You can see more of his work and photography on his website as well.

So after I get the call letting me know that ‘D-ALFE’, the last 777F that LH Cargo has on order, was set to move from one hangar to another I set off to a ‘secret’ spot that lets you see inside the assembly hangars.   A Cathay Pacific 777 had just been completed and moved to the fuel dock making room for D-ALFE to move into place.

Here is a video and a few images showing the transfer from last night (January 10, 2015):




an airplane in a hangar with Boeing Renton Factory in the background

D-ALFE as she is prepared to move along Boeing’s assembly line.


an airplane in a hangar

D-ALFE pushed back into her final assembly position


an airplane in a hangar

D-ALFE will now have her engines attached and stay here until she is ready for the Paint Hangar

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