Two weeks ago,  I was flying from Michigan to Johannesburg via Chicago and Frankfurt which created a very nice and lengthy layover in Frankfurt between my inbound flight from the US and connecting flight to JNB.   This routing gave me a unique opportunity take in plane spotting at night when Lufthansa sends a few of their long haulers to Asia and Africa.

On typical trips, I arrive in FRA during early morning hours and my departures for the States typically take place by early afternoon.  Having a 10:00p departure from FRA gave me an opportunity to see LH aircraft in a different light, or lack thereof….

While waiting for 10p to roll around, I ‘abandoned’ my wife to the capable hands of the Senator Lounge and set out to walk the length of Concourse Z which is typically where you’ll find most of LH’s long haul activity, especially at night.    Fortunately the glass was clean enough and glare was manageable so that the pictures actually turned out quite well.





747-8i, D-ABYL, ahead of her flight to Hong Kong



Another look at ‘Yankee Lima’



D-AISL, an Airbus A321, would head to Amman, Jordan



D-AISR, an Airbus A321, would head off to Bucharest, Romania.



D-AIGO, an Airbus A343, would head off to Qingdao-Shenyang



This would be our ride to Johannesburg. ‘D-AIMB’ aka Munchen is an Airbus A380, and is outfitted with the fantastic new Business cabin…..



Another look at ‘Michael Bravo’



D-AIMF, or ‘Zurich’ would head to Singapore.