LUFTHANSA First Class Terminal Unveils NEW DUCKS!

LUFTHANSA First Class Terminal Unveils NEW DUCKS!

Beginning tomorrow, October 16, Lufthansa passengers who visit the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt will be greeted by 3 new ducks that have been added to the wonderful collection.

What is great about the new additions is the fact that they are theme based and are targeted toward ‘certain’ kinds of travelers.

The 3 new ducks are the ‘Frequent Flyer Duck’, the ‘Baby Duck’, and the ‘Birthday Duck’.    Each will be given out based on the passenger:

THE ‘FREQUENT FLYER DUCK’:  Is available to all passengers who visit the ‘FCT’ but will be available for a limited time only (while inventory lasts):

This duck is ready for his flight!

This duck is ready for his flight!


The ‘Baby Duck’:  This special duck will ONLY be given to passengers traveling with an infant or small children.

The 'Baby Duck'

The ‘Baby Duck’


THE BIRTHDAY DUCK’:  This unique ‘ente’ will be given ONLY to passengers who are visiting the FCT on their Birthday.

The 'Birthday Duck'

The ‘Birthday Duck’


Please note that these ducks are exclusive to the ‘FCT’ and will not be available in any other of Lufthansa’s First Class Lounges.     If you want these for your collection you’ll need to visit the FCT and hope that you ‘qualify’ to get one.  If you need help figuring out a strategy to gain entry, let me know!

Looks like I’ll have to borrow someone’s baby for a flight on January 25! 🙂


To see Lufthansa’s other ‘First Class Ducks’ please visit my Lufthansa Duck Registry.

The End Of Lufthansa’s First Class Duck?   Yes and No.

The End Of Lufthansa’s First Class Duck? Yes and No.

Got your attention didn’t it…..

Anyway, Lufthansa’s First Class Services has confirmed that the traditional Yellow Duck has been retired.

No longer will the yellow quacker go home with First Class Lounge and Terminal visitors as a souvenir from Frankfurt.

However, passengers will be given a sleek new silver version instead  🙂


The yellow duck is retired.....

The yellow duck is retired…..


The reason for the change is based on the fact that for the last 10+ years the standard duck has always been yellow and the feeling is that most of LH’s HONs have quite a collection of them.

This change applies only to Frankfurt at this time.   Munich will continue with its current duck ‘strategy’.

What does this mean to special editions of the duck for Holidays and Special Events?  You’ll have to wait and see!

It also means that your yellow ducks have become that much more valuable…….

LUFTHANSA Introduces New Christmas Duck For First Class Terminal & Lounges

LUFTHANSA Introduces New Christmas Duck For First Class Terminal & Lounges

To celebrate the Holiday Season this year, Lufthansa has unveiled a brand-new  duck that will be available to passengers who visit Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal and Lounges in Frankfurt and the First Class Lounge in Munich.

This is the first time that this particular design has been used so for all of you Duck Collectors make sure that you get yourself to the FCT or an FCL and claim yours!   They’ll be available while supplies last through Christmas.

To see previous versions of Lufthansa’s First Class Duck, please visit the 1st Class Duck Registry…..



The 2014 First Class Christmas Duck

LUFTHANSA’s First Class Terminal Celebrates 10th Anniversary With A New Duck!!

LUFTHANSA’s First Class Terminal Celebrates 10th Anniversary With A New Duck!!

Happy Birthday to the First Class Terminal!!

Ten years ago this week, the ‘FCT’ opened its doors to First Class Passengers and HON Circle members.    Since then, the FCT has become a travel destination in it of itself and has been the source of many happy memories and experiences for thousands of travelers!

To mark the occasion, the First Class Terminal will be providing guests with a special, limited edition duck that will be given away for only 2 or 3 days (while supplies last).   This Duck will perhaps be the most limited and thus most collectible one to ever be issued by the First Class Terminal, so if you travels include a visit to FCT in the coming days, make you sure come away with one!

Visitors will also be treated to an FCT that has just had a minor face lift. Guests will find new furnishings, accessories and flooring throughout the lounge.  However, the great service remains the same!


The Tenth Anniversary FCT Duck

The Tenth Anniversary FCT Duck


Come back next week when I unveil the all-new Christmas Duck!


LUFTHANSA First Class Fare Sale Is Just In Time For The Holidays……

LUFTHANSA First Class Fare Sale Is Just In Time For The Holidays……

Lufthansa is currently holding a First Class fare sale that discounts many of their routes by up to 50% off of their regular rates.   What this means is that you can travel from the USA to fantastic European destinations for what is normally a ‘Business Class Price’.

For example,  First Class travel between Boston and Brussels can be had for only $5040.   Otherwise most East Coast departures to Europe run in the very low $6000 range, while Central and West Coast USA departures begin at $7000.

These fares are in place until November 17 and are valid for departures between December 15 and January 3.  Return flights need to talk place between December 22 and January 7, 2015.   Perfect timing if you’re considering visiting Europe for Christmas and for the peak of Europe’s Christmas Market season.

Lufthansa’s First Class product has earned a 5-Star rating and is among the finest air travel experiences available.   Considering that the fleet has been recently overhauled to feature a new First Class seat and fantastic ground services such as the ‘beloved’ First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, it’s easy to see why so many passengers come away loving their LH First Class experience.  As a matter of fact, the FCT is nearing the completion of a minor facelift to further enhance the experience.

A word of WARNING:   This fare sale is valid for flights operated by Lufthansa, United, Air Canada, SWISS, Austrian and Brussels Airlines.   Please note that only Lufthansa, SWISS and United offer a dedicated first class cabin.   I STRONGLY recommend that you book your flights so that they are operated by Lufthansa or SWISS since that will give you a superior First Class experience both in the air and on the ground.    Flying with United’s First Class will not allow you entry into Lufthansa First Class Terminal or LH’s and SWISS’ First Class lounges!   So if you are going to spend $5000 or more on a ticket, make sure to get the best possible booking.   Send me a note if you need help building a First Class itinerary.