If you caught my previous post regarding ‘SAVING THE DATE’ for a great 2-3 days in Frankfurt over Thanksgiving Weekend, you’ll recall that I mentioned I was working on confirming the details for a tour of LH’s Cargo Facility. If you missed that post, click on the link to get caught up!

Well that confirmation has arrived and LUFTHANSA CARGO has invited us to their facility for a detailed look at their operation. As a bonus to the tour and based on their current aircraft timetable, we’ll also have the ability to visit the apron and get up close to one of their 777F freighters that have been added to the fleet this year.

The Cargo Tour will be limited to only 20 people due to security logistics and a limit on how many people can be on an active ramp at the same time. On my last visit to Cargo, I had a chance to be in the cargo hold of an MD11-F during loading and I can see why only a few people can be allowed near the aircraft during loading.

The tour will take place Friday, November 28 in the afternoon and will dove tail nicely with the other events that are planned for the weekend. As of now, there will be a tour of Lufthansa’s Technik hangars which may include boarding a 747-8i to see the new Premium Economy seats being introduced in a few weeks.  There are other events planned for the weekend as well.

A tour of Cargo is usually difficult to arrange due to the nature of their business, so we’re fortunate that they agreed to host us for a few hours. I expect sign up for this event to be completed quickly once registration for the events open in the coming weeks.

At the risk of self-promotion, you may want to follow me on twitter at @LufthansaFlyer so you’ll know immediately when sign-up is open for the events. You can also get the latest news from VFT’s thread dedicated to the event.