Are Circular Runways Coming To Our Airports?

Are Circular Runways Coming To Our Airports?

I came across an interesting video showing research and simulations that are taking place that suggest that a circular, banked runway (Think race track style) is better, safer, and more environmentally sound.

The research is being conduct at The Netherlands Aerospace Center and several advantages are being discovered with a 360 degree runway.   One being the idea that you can micro-tune approaches and departures to account for wind conditions; eliminating all those enjoyable cross-wind landings we like to watch on Youtube.   The research suggests that you can have 3 aircraft departing and or arriving at the same time which would reduce congestion at major airports.  Also with a circular runway, aircraft would spend less time in the air holding patterns over airports which in turn would reduce air and noise pollution near the airports.

Here is the video (Courtesy of BBC) explaining the concept along with simulator work showing the effectiveness of the idea.  (PS, if any of you use X-Plane 10 or 11, there’s a circular airport that is available….and it’s a blast!).

The TSA Is About To Get More ‘Touchy / Feely’

The TSA Is About To Get More ‘Touchy / Feely’

According to an article published earlier today by Bloomberg, it appears that our friends at the TSA have revised their screening policies as it relates to ‘patting down’ passengers at security check points.

Citing a 2015 study concluding that more and more weapons are making it past screening procedures, the TSA has notified its officers to be more thorough when patting down passengers.    Up until now, the TSA had 5 different approaches when it came to physical contact or screening of  a passenger.   With the new policy, that list of 5 has been narrowed to 1, and that ‘1’ is more comprehensive than the previous 5.

A spokesman for the TSA stated that passenger will ‘notice that the new pat-down is more involved’.   The TSA also said that this will apply to airline crew.    The TSA randomly screens a small number of ‘known crew’ passing through ‘crew security’, but that small percentage of crew being screened will be subject to the same new scrutiny as a passengers.

According to the article, the new strategy has been quietly rolled out in smaller airports over the past 2 weeks, and is now being rolled out to airports nationwide.  No mention was made if this would affect ‘Pre Check’ or similar expedited security programs.


Turn and Cough……

Plane Spotting Munich:  Part IV

Plane Spotting Munich: Part IV

More of my favorite shots from the time I spent in Munich a few weeks ago.    Most of these images come from the Southern Runway which creates some great opportunities at ‘Sky Shots’ as well as having the airport in the background.   Then again, there’s really no bad place around ‘MUC’ to watch them come and go!  Enjoy!

For you photographer types, the equipment used was a Nikon D800 with a Sigma 150-600S.   A nearly perfect formula considering the Megapixels of the D800 and the crispness of the Sigma.

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You won't see much of Transavia around MUC anymore.....

You won’t see much of Transavia around MUC anymore…..

Aeroflot's A321 heads to Moscow

Aeroflot’s A321 heads to Moscow


LH's A320 departs in front of the Technik hangars at Munich

LH’s A320 departs in from of the Technik hangars at Munich

'KE' pulls away from Munich

‘KE’ pulls away from Munich

Cook's 767 taking Holiday Charter passengers somewhere warm....

Cook’s 767 taking Holiday Charter passengers somewhere warm….

Bucharest Bound Boeing.....

Bucharest Bound Boeing…..

Egyptair arriving from Cairo

Egyptair arriving from Cairo

Air Berlin 737

Air Berlin 737

A319 'LE' arriving in Munich

A319 ‘LE’ arriving in Munich

SWISS' A319 departs for Zurich

SWISS’ A319 departs for Zurich

Air China A330

Air China A330